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Below are a few of the many photos from my photo albums.

2nd Grade

5th Grade

8th Grade

Passport Photo



Right to left and top to bottom: 2nd Grade, 5th Grade, 8th Grade
Passport Photo, Senior Year, Art School

At the Grand Canyon

The three of us at the Grand Canyon in 1965.
It's so bright I think I'll stand in the shade of my sister.

At Hyde Park Church

The "Mod Squad" in front of Hyde Park Christian Church, Austin, Texas.
Dig those groovy outfits!

Rip Taylor and Me

I met Rip at a party in Pittsburgh and he was quite taken with me.
Can you blame him?

Susan's Wedding Day

Susan and I at her wedding, June 6, 1981. She looks so beautiful!

A Formal Portrait

A formal portrait of the three of us in 1985.

My Nephew and I

My Nephew and I, Christmas 1988. What a cutie!

Party 1991

Denny and I at a friend's party in 1991.
We were so thin!

Commonwealth Christmas Dinner

Denny and I at the Commonwealth Christmas Dinner.
We're not so thin anymore!

At TYsons II

Denny and I at Tysons II, after dinner with my cousins.
No comment!

My Solo Show

Gallery - left wall Gallery - right wall

My first solo show at the Fraser Gallery.
What an amazing night! My thanks to all who came out and supported me.

(Photo at the top of the Page: 6 months old)

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