Reincarnation and the Bible

Near Death Experiences

I am reading a book entitled Reincarnation: The Missing Link in Christianity by Elizabeth Clare Prophet. I have believed in reincarnation since I was a child, but it never quite fit with my Southern Baptist upbringing.* I wondered if there might be anything online on the subject. I found this article on the internet about reincarnation, NDEs (Near Death Experiences), the Bible, and what Jesus taught about reincarnation. Rather than rehash the entire article (which is only one page, by the way), I’m providing the link here so you may read more about it yourselves:

*Now, what do I know about my past lives? I know I was Viking that fell overboard while on a voyage (hence my hydrophobia… ever since I was a small child!). I know I was a large cat, perhaps a mountain lion or a jaguar. How do I know these things? I feel it in my gut, for one thing. And I have also dreamt about these experiences starting in my childhood. Why do we have such large brains, but only use 10% of them? Because our brains store all the memories of our past lives, that’s way! I haven’t actually participated in past-life regression therapy, but I would be open to it. It might answer a lot of my questions about why I am the way I am (which goes along with my post on karma, by the way). I know, I sound like a kook, but I know what I feel and what I believe.

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