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This may sound completely random when you first read this, but I have been thinking about doing this ever since we moved here (to the Valley)! I feel there are many, in the community, who’s spiritual needs are not being met by traditional faiths and religious institutions. I would like to form a “church.” The day and time of the “gathering” will be determined by the members (if Sunday, maybe a brunch could follow?). Tell me what you think and if you might be interested. Thanks for your time in considering my proposal. May the God/Goddess bless you, Rev. Dr. David Greg Denton, DD, PhDM, PhDRS

A possible Mission statement:

The Dogwood Grove Chapel of the Universal Life supports and encourages people to pray where their heart is; pray where they feel free to be themselves and not be judged by their apparel or how much money they put in the collection plate. We stand for religious democracy and freedom to worship where the heart desires.

Our members will meet in a fellow member’s home, if not for a formal mass, then just for a discussion of a philosophical or theistic nature (honoring ALL traditions); to share thoughts, ideas, feelings, fears, joys, and passions. To satisfy the requirements of a home church, the owner of the home needs to be the pastor (me for insurance and tax purposes). A charter is required and 2 people (at least 18 years of age) to be Secretary (takes minutes of board meetings) and Treasurer (to set up and manage church money and bank account). With that, we are legally a church by the state’s regulations. As a church, we are entitled to tax benefits. We can also accept donations of any kind in the name of the church, be it goods, property, or money. We will issue a receipt for your taxes. Remembering, any property or locale can be utilized as the church and that location can be changed as often as necessary.

3 Mar 2012 Update: We are having our first “gathering” (with brunch afterwards) this Sunday and I am so excited!

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