Karma… what is it and what does it have to do with me?

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The Webster’s New World Dictionary defines karma as: “The totality of a person’s actions in any one of the successive states of that person’s existence, thought of as determining the fate of the next stage.” In other words, “what goes around, comes around.” I think the Golden Rule fits in here nicely, too… “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” But what does that have to do with me, you might ask? It means that we determine our own fate… when we are in the in-between state after death in one life and before birth into the next, we have time to reflect on what we have learned and what lessons we still need to learn.

For example… if I had been a bad parent in the last life (say, a father who had beaten his children), I may decide I need to be the beaten child in the next life in order to learn what it is like to have been both!  If I was born Gay (which I was by the way), could I have chosen to live a life being hated by bigots, because I was a bigot in the last one? What about children who are born with a birth defect? What accounts for that? Did they do something to someone in a past life that determined their choice of fates in this one? Now this may sound harsh, but think about it.! What else could serve to explain why bad things happen to good people… or even infants who haven’t even had a chance to make bad choices yet?!

Another thing to think about is why we sometimes feel drawn to someone (or even replused by someone) we have never met before. Could they have been family, friend or even an enemy in the last? Are we constantly surrounded by the same people life after life? If so, what can we (or should we even try to) do about it? I say, in the words of Ellen DeGeneres, “be kind to one another.” Even if it’s not in  the front of your mind at all times (which it should be by the way), try to be a better person than you were before. I believe there is such a thing as “karma bank.” You can make up for anything that you did as long as, in the end, the good outweighs the bad. Think about it! :-)

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