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Women’s Rights

Why are some women against them? I just don’t get why the women of today would give up or demand that other women give up their human rights! Let’s take a woman’s right to choose. Conservative men and women want … Continue reading

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Prayer vs. Spell-Casting

We had the monthly gathering of our “Spirit Family” yesterday. The topic was: what is the difference between a prayer and a spell? What is prayer? What is a spell? Does a prayer change the person praying or the person … Continue reading

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An Inevitability or Being Pushed by the Religious Right to Justify Their Need to Bring about the End of the World? I was reading the statements that Mitt Romney made to the Israelis today and was flabbergasted by the following: … Continue reading

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Fatherly Hate

Fatherly Hate I was watching an episode of “Flashpoint” today and it got me thinking about fathers and sons. The family is having dinner and the father is belittling the elder son (as usual). The son gets up from the … Continue reading

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I Couldn’t Work Here (an animal shelter)

The article below was written by a shelter worker and printed in the Humane Society of the United States Animal Sheltering Magazine. My friend Candy posted it on Facebook and it really made me rethink my view on working in … Continue reading

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