An Angel


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My love once sailed on a ship in the sea,
Its color was oh so blue,
It sailed by a girl on a ship in the sea,
And that's when I frist saw you.

We saw our love grow a thousand times strong,
And the children were happy and gay.
I sang my sweet song until you were gone,
And they laughed at my state of dismay.

I haven't loved another since then,
And I haven't sailed by a girl on a ship on the sea.
I know I will never love ever again,
But there still is that hope of a girl on a ship in the sea.

Denton '74

Two Trees

Two Trees
Denton '74

She Lives? No, She Dies!

Who was she? She was an average girl who seemed to care
only about others and not herself. She always gave, but never took.
She helped, but never hurt. She loved and was loved.
And it just wasn't fair for God to take her from me.

Our first date was at my sister's installation and I gave her a corsage
with white rosebuds and baby's breath. I didn't know then
that I would fall in love with her or be so moved when she died.

We went to alot of things together after that,
and pretty soon we were seeing each other regularly.
She was my date for a couple of my installations
and I was her date for a couple of her's.
It was at a dinner at Cameron Methodist Church that I gave her the ring.
It was a diamond set in an infinity sign of white gold.
She wore it everywhere and I liked seeing her with it on.
She was wearing it in the casket.

A couple of months later I got a phone call from her girlfriend
congratulating me on our "one" year anniversary.
And just after we hung up, I got another call and it was her.
I was so grateful to Cathy for that call because I had such a bad memory
and had forgotten it. When she died we had been going together for one year,
two months and eleven days.
I remembered this at her side in the funeral home.

After one installation Jaime, Deana, she and I decided we were going to go out
on New Year's eve. So we went out to Godfather's Pizza Place
and took the pizzas to Cheryl and Jay's (Deana's sister and brother-in-law)
to watch the the football game between Alabama and Notre Dame; Alabama lost...

She called me one afternoon and said we were going out again later on in the week
with Jaime and Deana. We went to the Village Inn in Springfield and later
to the Rocking Chair Theater. We went to see Herbie the Love Bug Rides Again
(it was good). I remebered this too, at her side in the funeral home.

After 22's elections we were all supposed to go out to Hot Shoppes
but I forgot that Sunday and so she was very angry. When I called her later on,
she told me she wouldn't go with me to the Honored Queen's Ball.
But at the next dance we went to, we were back together again and better than before...

There are too many other good times I could tell you about...
I just wish to say this and I want you all to think about it.
Friendship and love bind two people together with unbreakable ties;
when these ties are severed, the memories of a love once had
cause great mental anguish.

The girl in this story was Carolyn M. Jarrell. She was fifteen years old
and to be a Junior at Edison High School. She died of cancer of the uterus
and the funny thing is that doctors don't even know how it got there.

Denton '75

Carolyn1 Carolyn2 Carolyn3

Carolyn: A Triptych
Denton '00


So far above me
So far below me
I'm in the middle
Between your body and your soul.

My love for you never ceased
As I hope yours didn't
Your body ceased to function
But your soul lives on.

I wait for the day
We will meet again
Because living here
Is useless without you.

You died on September first
I didn't believe you could have cancer.
Your brother was born on September first
And you lie together for eternity.

Love, David

Denton '75

Her Grave

Carolyn's final resting place.

A Good Life, A Good Death

Safe life, this life I lead must be,
So good as all have lived for thee.
To see thy life as bad not good,
Then all will be to us as should.
Good luck for you, "death be not proud"
But keep to that which you have vowed.
All that we planned,
By this young hand.
Good luck I say,
Stay safe I pray.

I pray you safety for all your life,
So death will see you not in strife.
O Death! Be good to us in death and beyond,
Because of life I am not so fond.
Good, dad, what do you think of it?
I know it shall be right to prove it.
All that we had,
By this young lad.
Good luck I bring,
Stay safe I sing.

My death will be a glorious one,
And all will shoot a resolute gun.
But I see all this within a dream,
So it will not come true. I scream!
"Good night," is said, as I pass away,
My life is gone from this earth today.
All that we trade,
By this young blade.
Good luck I hate,
Stay safe my mate.

All life is good and death is too,
I know what it is that I must do.
My new incarnation is as I thought,
I go my own way, not to be bought.
Have fun in your next life, more so
Than in the last. Good death be known!
All that we stand,
By this young hand.
Good luck I say,
Stay safe I pray.

Denton '76

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