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Hi, I'm D. Greg Denton, a Gay Artist living in the Shenandoah Valley.

A Showcase of My Art, My Poetry, and My Life.

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"When we live our lives in chains, then God is truly sad."
D. Greg Denton

The Boatmen

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collage after surgery'

I am still recovering from quintuple bypass surgery on July 21, 2017, but am feeling a whole lot better.
Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers.

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Repose in Black & White

He calls to me from beyond the grave of my imagination,
from a place whole unto itself yet a part of me
and all that I ever hope to be.
I live with him and have no need for another
because he is everything to me.
He wakes me from my coffin-bed
to rise and suffer through the day,
until I can be with him again at dusk.
Our time together is bliss
and I long for him when he's not there.
If I sleep while the sun is up, I cannot find him.
Only in the dark night does he wait for me.
And when I lay down, hoping never to wake,
he comes.
I am so happy in the moment
that the morrow is forgotten
and I swell in the arms of my love,
until the dawn.

Denton '90

...With A Bullet

little boy
sitting in the dark

not his choice
destined to lose

that he loves

leaving him
to go on alone

young man
sitting in the dark

by his own hand
not an option

he hears the call
but cannot answer

sitting in the dark
he has no choice

Denton '90

Detail from Knight Blindness Lightning sounds the drummer's retreat
All about the floor lay the party remnants:
clean glasses, empty ashtrays
Keep me from tomorrow as today goes crawling by
In the hall, a sound
no, not a sound, a whisper
The rain beats gently on the roof
a car door slams
and then another
They drive away into the dank
doors slam, floors creak
Tears for a fictional friend
the rain, it is so soft
The light, it is so bright it hurts my eyes
To hear his voice, enough for me
go to sleep, but don't dare dream
Reality, an unfair illusion
sleep, my only escape
Hold onto the night
for the day is fleeting
He calls to me and I succumb

Denton '90

Anguish in Black & White

Release me from this,
where I am sustained, but
not allowed to die unnaturally.
Curse you, my warden-god!
Let me go to my cell
and rest for eternity.
You keep me as a toy,
but I am tired
of being played with.
I do not want the game to go on
any longer.
Remove this pawn from the board.
You can do it,
but you won't.
Why do you insist on tormenting me?
What did I do to make you hate
me so much?
Who am I anyway?

Denton '90

Despair in Black & White Desire died today,
but Despair lives.
He is the one who believes in nothing,
no one.
Desire believed in God and love and men.
Despair had no belief system.
It was killed in him by Judgment.
Benevolence and Serenity
left him to fend for himself.
He tried, but failed,
just as Judgment told him he would.
Despair thrives on the dark,
the lonely, the lost.
They feed him...
and starve Desire.
There is no God, no love, no man
who can make him believe.
Desire died today
and Despair danced on his grave.

Denton '90

(Reaching for) Hope in Black & WhiteI lay beneath the mighty oak,
half dozing.
I am awakened
by a drop, a drop of rain,
a drop of red rain.
The sky is bleeding,
bleeding all over me.
The sky is not bleeding.
I am.
The rain is warm,
upon my face and hands.
I am alone,
but not alone.
He watches over me.
The bleeding stops.
I awaken.

Denton '93

Flip the Switch Flip the Switch

White night
brain on fire
then it explodes

space flight
I'm alone
wandering home

no light
they turn away
an empty soul

darker bright
All is nothing
nothing is all

Float for eternity

Denton '94

Paintings on this page in order of appearance:

Detail from "Knight Blindness" (1997) oil on canvas in 3 panels 36"x48" overall (SOLD)

Detail from "Repose in Black and White" (1997) oil on canvas 24"x48" - $1500

"...with a Bullet" (1997) oil on canvas 24"x30" (SOLD)

Detail from "Knight Blindness" (1997) oil on canvas in 3 panels 36"x48" overall (SOLD)

Detail from "Anguish in Black and White" (1997) oil on canvas 36"x18" (SOLD)

Detail from "Despair in Black and White" (1997) oil on canvas 36"x18" (SOLD)

"(Reaching for) Hope" (1998) oil on canvas 24"x18" (N/A)

"Flip the Switch" (1994) oil on canvas 36"x24" - $1250

If you are interested in purchasing artwork, email me at:
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They may not be copied in any form without express permission of the artist.

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