My Life as a Friar!

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The Franciscan Monastery of the Holy Land is located at
1400 Qunicy Street, N.E., Washington, D.C.
They celebrated their 100th Anniversary last year!

I was raised Southern Baptist but converted to
Catholicism and entered the Franciscan Monastery in 1985,
a year after my mother died.

I spent my first year at the Monastery as a Postulant.

my room

This was my "cell" at the Monastery.
(Don't worry, I hadn't taken my vow of poverty, yet.)

I was sent to Valparaiso, Indiana, my second year for novitiate.

winter in Valparaiso

Valparaiso is up near Chicago, so it gets very cold in Winter!
I took my simple (or temporary) vows exactly 365 days after arriving in Valparaiso.

Sebastian and Matteo

This is a picture of my "brothers," Sebastian and Matteo.
Matteo died a few months before my sister.

Matteo's plaque

Matteo's plaque at the Monastery.

cloister courtyard

I came back to Washington in 1987 and what I hoped would be a quiet life.
This photo is of the Monastery Cloister Courtyard at Christmastime.

I started attending the Catholic University of America in the Fall of 1987.
I majored in Studio Art with minors in Religion and Anthropology.

Yearbook picture

This photo was taken by my friend and classmate Nancy Hankins
for the CUA Yearbook.

The mission of the Holy Land Friars is to take care of the Shrines in the Holy Land.
When my sister was diagnosed with M.S. and then had the brain aneurysm,
I knew I couldn't fulfill my mission, so I left my Franciscan family in the Spring of 1989.
Susan committed suicide on the last day of classes for the semester, December 6th, 1989.

Photo at the top of the page is of me as a Novice in Valparaiso.

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