A young Billie Sue

My Mother!

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Billie Sue Denton was born on December 27/28, 1929 in Hartshorne, Oklahoma.
Why the 27th/28th? Doesn't he know when his own mother was born, you ask?
This is the story. My mother was born on the 27th,
but the doctor who delivered her at my grandparents' home,
didn't get around to writing up the birth certificate until the next day (the 28th).
My mother had a rough childhood, living during the depression.
Her father was injured in a coal mining accident and paralyzed from the waist down
for the rest of his life. He was so messed up by the pain killers he was on
that he tried to kill his family with a knife one night.
She survived the awful ordeal with no memory of it (her mind's way of coping).
A few years before her death she asked my aunt to tell her about her childhood.

She married my father on December 20, 1946, just one week before her 17th birthday.
Over the course of their 29 year marriage, they had three children.
My sister was the oldest. I am the middle child. And my brother is the youngest.
My parents divorced in 1977, the same year I graduated from High School.
She died on March 12, 1984 at the age of 54 of a pulmonary embolism,
after her second heart attack.
She was a great mother, a good friend and beautiful child of God.
She was also a manic-depressive, like me.
She is truly missed by all who knew her.
I thank you for visiting this page.

I think our paths crossed by chance,
a fleeting glance,
a happenstance.
And all that is your strange desire,
was once a liar,
but now has fire.
So all you did was not in vain.
Although the pain
was quite a strain,
You were always by my side.
A subtle guide
to sometimes chide;
You did it for my own good.
I understood
just as I could
That judgment comes but once ya know.
And all must show
the same bright glow.
But to see you in my dreams
of trickling streams
and pale moonbeams,
I must put the hate to rest
that's in my chest.
Yes, put to rest
The awful the things he did to you.
And as you knew
he hurt me too.
But your benev'lence touched my soul.
It made me whole,
down in my soul.
And I can forgive him now,
you did somehow.
I know now how
To say thanks to you both
for all my growth.
"Thanks to you both."
For you're always in my heart.
So much a part
of all I start;
That now I'll see you in my dreams
of trickling streams
and pale moonbeams.
'Cause death can't be so very wrong.
So sing along,
a melodious song.
Sing along and sing out strong!
Tho' death has won,
my life goes on.

Denton '84

To Mom

MomWhy do these things happen to us?
Why do they leave us?
Why did you leave me?
I miss your smile,
how your eyes would close when you laughed.
I miss your touch and wish I could talk to you.
You left too soon. I wasn't ready.
I needed you to be around longer.
I wanted to share more things with you.
I cry because I miss you.
I love you,

Denton '88

Mom's Grave Marker

Mom's final resting place.

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